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Just A Thought

You might think that evolving your business is complicated.
You have come to the right place. For us working with Business Development, Marketing Guidance or Brand Creation, among other possibilities will never be boring.
Our formula to deliver great plans while seeing positive results, brings satisfaction to our team.

Our 360 Way Of Working

Every business opportunity is unique, and we have a team able to fuse the right resources to fulfill your needs.
We want to bring innovative evolution, and aim to minimize the errors.
Our proposal is to guide you and your business through a strategic path, so that this long term view will have a positive trajectory.

We are Experts on…

• Business Transformation

• Creation and improvement of Presentations

• Logo Creation or Brand Image

People are our main reason,

as partners, clients and customers…

Every opinion counts.


You can’t talk wisely, if you have no clue…

Understanding is key to start moving the right way.


Endless possibilities are out there waiting for you,

so be free to create anything you want.


How it has been done, is ok.

Doing it better requires evolution of thought and behavior.

Try it.


Don’t get frustrated.

We will help you grow.

Trust Me.

Get to know us, cause we are cool…

We are a group of people with a HUGE passion for what we do. Passion has taken us to new places and to experience great things.
We want YOU, to see US, as your 360 support. We are a marketers, researchers, consultants, occasional writers and speakers, always thinkers and doers but above all… partners.
Every job you’ve had in life is part of an important experience. 
Our experience in Consumer Goods, Health, Banking, Auto, Beverages, Snacks, among other industry segments has us growing brands, innovating and evolving ideas, increasing awareness and developing business concepts.
Experience that goes back 20 years…

“I can’t do it alone,

so I gathered the best team to do it with me.”

– Cris Marti

WHY US? …That’s Easy!





Since we know your time is precious, We won’t make you loose your time… Let’s work!
More than 20 years of experience in strategic companies.
Marketing and Sales knowledge in many countries, regions, segments, categories, channels… In a nutshell, possibilities are endless.
We have connections to get you to a better position.

Our Services…  we can do more!

Business Consulting


• Improvement Plan for Specific Business Areas
• Marketing Plan Creation
• Loyalty Programs

Digital Mastered Services

• Web Development & Support
• Social Media Management
• Digital Strategic Planning

Strategic Research is key!

• Partnership with Data Factory will offer your company a reliable and best in class research study.
• We offer a broad service to understand brands, issues, friction, sensibility, image and trends, among other potential research segments.
• We can deliver results through a cost-effective formula on good timing based on tactical methodologies, such as quantitative, qualitative and combined methods.

Brand Creation and Development

• Strategic Business Plan Development
• Brand Development
• Market Research Development

Our PROPOSAL is simple…

Let’s create a

WIN-WIN story.


Loiza Street Station
Suite 408
San Juan, PR 00911



“Everyone wants to have a SUCCESSFUL business,
but you need experience,
a good TEAM and a lot of PASSION.”

– Cris Marti